• Waterjet Cutting
    Up to 6" Thick Steel

Waterjet Cutting

The waterjet can cut just about anything. Lasers that rely on a material's ability to absorb the light beam and melt away. A waterjet can easily process reflective materials such as aluminum alloys. It can also cut much thicker plates than lasers with an extremely high quality finish. Finally, a waterjet can be used to cut odd materials that would burn in the laser, such as wood or rubber.


Thick Cutting

The waterjet can cut plates up to 6" thick.

Clean Cut

Modern waterjet technology allows for a very clean cut with almost no taper.

No Heat Effected Zone

Thermal cutting processes such as laser cutting or plasma cutting can change material properties in the heat affected zone. This can cause paint issues on the edges of carbon steel parts that have oxidized, and can cause welding issues on some aluminum alloys and tempers.

Laser Cutting Capabilities

  • Thickness: up to 6"
  • Size: 80" x 158"
  • Tolerance: +/- 0.010

Taper Control

The waterjet cutting head can actually tilt to put any taper from the cut into the scrap and keep the edge of the part as straight as possible. This Tilt-a-jet technology allows us to eliminate machining in many applications.

Clean Thick Cut Quality

Clean Cut On Copper

Tight Tolerance Thick Cutting